About Us
Our philosophy is simple. Since Factory Hot Tubs first opened its doors in 2008 we have been providing our customers with the most innovative spas on the market at the lowest possible prices. We pride ourselves on our customer-oriented service which puts you and your needs first, no matter what your budget, and we make a point of stocking a full range of hot tubs to suit every pocket. Our staff are factory-trained to be familiar with every detail of all the spas we sell and so can answer your questions in full about the differences between each hot tub spa. The many testimonials that we have received attest to the friendly, knowledgeable and courteous service we offer and the diverse and top quality range of spas that we sell.

Our Reputation
We like to think that when you buy a spa from us you become part of the Factory Hot Tub family. Our excellent reputation is solely based on word of mouth recommendations from our many happy clients. We know that one reason for our success is that we service and sell only the top quality range of Artesian Spas. Another advantage of buying from us is that we cut our overheads to a minimum so that we can offer you the lowest price Artesian Spa hot tubs in Ontario!

Our Products
We sell a superior product! PoolandSpa.com has represented the Best of Class Awards every year since 1998 to Artesian Spas. The award signifies superior products and/or customer service in the pool & spa industry. One look at an Artesian Spa and you will agree there is no spa like an Artesian! Artesian Spas did not become one of the leading spa providers by focusing only on manufacturing and marketing. They did it by focusing on people and how to make their lives better.

Our Hot Tubs and Swim Spas
We only sell products that we know to be better than excellent. We specialize in the Artesian Spas range of hot tubs, a company which for the last 15 years has won the much-coveted PoolandSpa.com Best of Class Award for the best customer service and hot tubs in the spa and pool industry. Once you have seen and tried an Artesian Spa we doubt that you will be tempted by any other make.The difference is that Artesian Spas designs its hot tubs with the best interests of spa users in mind. They want their spas to enrich your lives, sooth your tensions and even improve your health. Their marketing and manufacturing processes are complementary to this approach.

The Factory Hot Tub Vacation Experience
Sinking into an Artesian Spa is like vacationing at home every single day of the year! Artesian Spa hot tubs will sooth your stress, massage away your aches and pains and leave you feeling refreshed and with energy to enjoy your life to the full. You don’t need to travel away from home to get that wonderful sense of renewal that a vacation can bring. Install an Artesian Spa in your back yard, deck or patio and you can relax and unwind with your family and friends any moment you choose.

Our Promise
At Factory Hot Tubs we have adopted Artesian Spa’s customer-oriented philosophy and practices. We want to help you to improve the quality of your lives. We stock a full range of Artesian Spas to suit a wide variety of budgets and life styles. We can promise you that no matter who you are or how you live, from a young couple setting out to entertain friends with a limited budget to retirees who want to relax in peace with the most luxurious spa on the market. We have a spa or hot tub to fit your dreams.

Only the best
At Factory Hot Tubs we are true Spa and Swim Spa Specialists! We offer only the very best, high end products on the market. When you come to talk to us we will show you why Artesian Spas have a better engineered and superior product – and even invite you to try out the Artesian experience for yourself. So bring your family and swim suit and jump on in. Once you’ve tried an Artesian Spa from Factory Hot Tubs you won’t want to settle for anything less than the best!