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Hot Tubs, Spas, and Swim Spas, Spa Models

No matter your taste or budget, Factory Hot Tubs has many spa models for you! Choose from the Unique Collections described above, which are manufactured by Artesian Spas. “Experience The Ultimate” – each spa offers its own level of luxury and therapy.
Our Swim Spa collections is geared for the most discriminating buyer, where you
can choose the style and level of performance that suits your taste and budget.

Take a few moments to browse through our Spa Models – Island Spas, South Sea Spas, Garden Spas, Platinum Elite, Tidal Fit Exercise Swim Spas,
Ultimate Fitness Swim Spas, and Life’s Great Swim Spas. In all, we offer almost 40 different size and shapes of spa to choose from, including rectangular, round and square tubs, from small, triangular shaped two person models for squeezing into a corner of a deck or patio, to 8 person, deluxe, multi pump models with scores of hydrotherapy jets and individual control panels for each seat so that you can customize your spa experience.

Our spas have different numbers of hydrotherapy jets, and can come with waterfalls, changing light systems and even a stereo music system that can be used on your patio when you are outdoors, even when your hot tub spa itself is not in use.

We also have a complete range of Swim Spas for sale that can be used as a traditional Hot Tub or as an intense work out pool to develop your stamina and endurance.

Our 14′ long, Tidal Fit Exercise Swim Spa range are designed for those who want the all over body workout that swimming can offer, without the hassle of having to go to the pool.

We have three spa models of exercise swim spa:

Our Super Swim Pro Training system offers a very effective cardiovascular workout: just attach the strong elastic belt and start to swim or walk against the tension. This offers more resistance that water jets alone and enables you to develop muscles and stamina while swimming on the spot! Our Quad Swim Jet System has the additional resistance of four powerful, adjustable water jets pushing you back so you burn even more calories and develop even more stamina just swimming in place. Ideal for swimmers of all levels, from beginners to advanced alike.
Our top of the range Dual Badu Swim Jet System offers the complete swim spa workout on the market. With a unique system that permits fewer water intake points and makes the water suction almost unnoticeable, the Dual Badu offers twice the resistance of the Quad Swim Jet System for an excellent all over endurance and stamina work out for even the strongest of swimmers. And the adjustable air regulators and water flow switches in the control panel allows the resistance to be turned down so that even swimmer novices can work out at their level too.

Once you find a hot tub spa that appeals to you, click the photo to enlarge the image and find out more information about it. It’s worth browsing a little longer to get a clear idea of the full range of different features that our Artesian Spas can offer. Do you want to listen to music while you relax? Do you want the gentle trickle of a waterfall providing soothing sound therapy in the background? Do you want changing coloured lights to add a visual dimension to your nighttime Hot Tub Spa experience? All of this is possible.

If after browsing here you would like more information, or even to try out a spa for yourself, Contact Us and our Customer Service Team will be delighted to assist.

Factory Hot Tubs
: we have a full range of spas and hot tubs for sale in Toronto and the greater GTA including Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and surrounding areas.