Hey Zana and Justin,
I had been a Softub owner for over a decade. So when I decided to move up to a “real tub”, I wanted to get the best quality, experience, warranty and value possible within a reasonable budget. It also needed to be safe and energy-efficient for our cold Canadian winters. I did my homework, searched the internet high and low, compared specs and shopped around. I wet-tested several models and was immediately impressed by the Artesian Spas Island line’s incredible jet strength, seat variety/comfort, style and solid warranty. I wanted the best, but didn’t have the $15-20K that JACUZZI® was asking for. I figured the Artesian Antigua was out of my range two seconds after I melted in the amazing lounger seat with the waterfall at my feet. To my surprise, with Factory Hot Tubs, I got it all. Zana gave me an incredible price, speedy delivery and even showed up himself on a snowy day to help get my Antigua safely down into my backyard and installed. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my tub every day since I got it a month ago. It’s the envy of all of my friends, my kids love it, and even my wife–who previously thought my Softub was an “oversized petri dish”–joins me for several soaks a week. This was a huge (and unexpected) bonus.

Thank you Zana & Justin!
Toronto, ON
March 2013


Dear Factory Hot Tubs,
After months of research and comparisons, we purchased an Artesian Spa from Factory Hot Tub and have absolutely no regrets. We use our hot tub several times a week, and enjoy not only the hydrotherapy benefits, but the opportunity to relax and decompress at the end of a day. We especially love the times we entertain and end up still in the hot tub at 5:00 in the morning!! We find maintenance to be easy and straightforward, helped by the useful guide provided by Zana and Justin (who ALWAYS remember our names!). They have provided us with excellent service, even returning calls on a long weekend. While we have had no issues with the tub, we find their knowledge and expertise to be invaluable when we have a question regarding maintenance or set up. Having owned the spa for almost two years, and used it through all four seasons, we wholeheartedly believe that this purchase was one of the smartest decisions we ever made. We unreservedly recommend Factory Hot Tubs to anyone looking to purchase a hot tub – a superior product backed by outstanding customer service.

Peter and Melanie Barber
Oakville, ON
February 2013


Hey guys,
My husband and I have been looking for a hot tub for the last couple of months and after researching the different brands we decided to look into Factory Hot Tubs. The first thing I can say is we received exceptional service as soon as we walked in the door by Justin. Justin treated us like friends and answered all our questions and showed us the different areas of the hot tubs. We never felt rushed once even though we were ‘those guys’ that came in right before closing. We purchased a spa and Justin promised top notch customer service and he wasn’t lying! Our hot tub gets used almost every night and I’m so glad we made the purchase.

Ryan & Rachel McKeown
Mississauga, ON
October 2012


Hi Zana,
Just wanted to thank you for the amazing deal on the Artesian Spa I purchased from Factory Hot Tubs.As you know I was a hard sell,did my homework and had shopped for almost 2 years I checked all the competition Articspas, hydropool, JACUZZI®, beachcomber and countless others.No other spa manufacturer can compete with ARTESIAN SPAS.Trust me I wet test many,You made the purchase so easy and I saved thousands.Its been about 8 months now since the purchase and I am still with the original water I filled when it arrived and its still sparkling clean.So easy to maintain contrary to what I had expected. I suffered a major ski accident and the hydrotherapy aspect of the tub is fantastic. Anyway thanks again, I wish you the best.

Manuel and Nelly Andrade
Oakville, ON
November 2011


Since purchasing our spa we estimate we are saving at least $300 per month. Before, I used to go to the chiropractor twice a week at $32 per session, plus painkillers to ease the pain in my back. I would strongly recommend a spa for anyone with back or joint problems from Factory Hot Tubs. The staff there are the best, the most informed and helpful. I cannot recommend them enough!

George Morrell
Oakville, ON
August 2011


We use the spa nightly, right before bedtime, year-round. It’s like going on a mini-vacation in our backyard. The spa is great for whenever we need to unwind from our hectic lives. We get a better night’s sleep, and wake up well rested. What a great investment!

Enzo & Diana Barbuto
Woodbridge, ON
November, 2011


Hi guys,
Just wanted you to know that we are enjoying our new hot tub immensely. We have been in it every night. I suffer from arthritis pain in my knees and hands. The spa has made the pain more bearable. I usually would wake up 3-4 times a night with pain. Now that I am using the tub every night, I sleep like a newborn baby. Bob too, has trouble with his shoulder, and at times experiences a lot of pain there. Since using the spa every night , his shoulder pain seems not been as bad. We absolutely love our spa. The cover is so easy to take on and off with the lifter. The waterfall is so relaxing with the colours changing all the time. Paul and his friend who helped us install the tub, were very helpful and friendly. I will surely recommend your spas and company to anyone. The experience in dealing with You and Paul was a very positive experience.


Bob & Marlene Bowman
St. Catharines, ON
June, 2010


Dear Factory Hot Tubs,
I live in Pickering and had gone to a couple stores out here. I was not impressed with the hot tubs so my search continued. When I called I had a lot of questions for you. You took the time to answer them plus you told me about the other stores in your area and said to check them. Not to often does a salesman tell you about his competion. You told us to bring our bathing suits so we could actually try the product. We were not able to do that at the other stores. Oakville is a bit of a hike from Pickering I was convinced I had to go. When I got there I was impressed with the hot tubs. The Artesian Spa was far superior to any of the other models I looked at and was similar in price. Plus dealing with you was the most pleasant experience I have ever had dealing with a sales person. We bought the tub. The delivery ran smooth the gentleman that delivered the tub were very professional. On Christmas Eve I had some questions so I called. I was happy that you told me to call you back when I was ready to start it up. Where are you going to get this kind of service. The Artesian Spa Company should be very proud to be represented by you. I would like to thank you for my experience of buying my first hot tub. It was worth the drive to Oakville.

Thank You

Craig Howes
Scarborough, ON
December, 2009


Hey Guys,
Our new tub Arrived 3 weeks ago, right on time, thank you so very much! We had no problem with the installation, your delivery team was very helpful to us. As you know both me and my husband suffer from arthritis and i cant believe how much of a relief i feel in my hips. Jim says he hasn’t had his joints feel this good in years! The Grand Cayman was certainly the right choice for us! thank you for helping us through the purchasing process your knowledge on all the spas was extremely handy and your patience was greatly appreciated.

We’ve had the neighbors over a few times and they love it as well! Don’t be surprised if you get a visit from Clair and Steve in the near future!

Thanks again for all your help and information and we will be seeing you in the future i’m sure we will need spa accessories in a few months.

Burlington, ON
April, 2009


My Name is Alicia, im not sure if you remember me i was in a few weeks back and my husband and I purchased an artesian spa from you, it was the 746B. We are VERY satisfied with the product! when my husband first told me he wanted a hot tub i didnt understand why, i never thought i would be one to use one but after shopping around for over a year and starting to get excited for one myself i was very impressed with the appearance of your Artesian and then to sit in it and enjoy it is not something i would have ever expected!

Thank you again for all your help! your knowledge on all the products that we had already seen made it very easy to trust you and shop from you! And yes when we have a first BBQ gala we will send you an invite as well.

We wish you the best of luck in the future and look forward to seeing you when we need our spa products.

Alicia and Richard Simpson.
Oakville, ON
July, 2009


Dear Zana,
I was looking to purchase a hot tub for my family in the fall 2009. When I started shopping around, I had a hard time making up my mind what product I was going to choose. There are a lot of companies out there and I knew that I had to do my homework. I knew that I wanted to have a hot tub that was going to be big enough for my family of four, it was going to have to have lots of jets and price and warranty would have to be competitive with other companies. I originally spoke with Zana over the phone about the Artesian Spas. After speaking with him on the phone, I felt like I had made up my mind. I took a drive out and met with him and had a look at the hot tubs. I was impressed with the look of the hot tub, the quality of the workmanship including how well the hot tub was insulated and to my surprise, Artesian Spas construct one of the most energy efficient hot tubs. I made my purchase the same day. It was delivered quickly and we have enjoyed the benefits almost daily since it was up and running.

I would recommend that anyone who is interested in buying a hot tub, give Zana at Factory Hot Tubs a call.

Thank you

Anngelee G
Mississauga, ON
June, 2009
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